It's As If Strong Controls on Immigration Were Good

Vox explains that the reasons liberals want to move to Canada are the reasons they probably can't.
Canada uses a points system to figure out who qualifies for "Express Entry" — which is the pool employers can use to hire people, and from which the government accepts (some) skilled immigrants who don't yet have job offers. The points system is supposed to score how well you'll integrate in Canada (with factors like language and "adaptability") and how much you can contribute to the Canadian economy (via education, experience, employment, and age).

Crucially, if you don't already have a job offer in Canada, it also looks at whether you have enough money saved up to support yourself until you find one. This is where I washed out. I don't have $9,199 US ($12,184 Canadian) in cash savings — and that's the bare minimum to qualify for Express Entry.
Gee, if only we had some sort of system like that here.


MikeD said...

I've long maintained that if we're going to get slammed with accusations of "racist immigration laws" that we should simply adopt the immigration laws of Mexico verbatum (save for changing any references of "Mexico" to "the United States of America"). If that law is not racist when they practice it, it can't be racist when we do, correct?

FYI, their immigration laws are a HELL of a lot more strict than ours.

Texan99 said...

It would tickle me to find out that none of the people on my Facebook feed who are threatening to move to Canada could come up with $9,200 cash if their lives depended on it.