Statin fail

I've never seen the point in statins and never have taken them.  The causal link between cholesterol and heart disease is fuzzy at best.  Friends and family have had very unpleasant effects from statins.  The science has been too confused to satisfy my medical BS meter.


raven said...

yep. My new PA keeps wanting me to do a cholesterol screening and looks dumbfounded when I tell her I think it is a trailing indicator, not a leading one.
Ever read Karl Denninger at the market ticker? He has been going on about this for years, along with the diabetes increase and the high carb obesity explosion.

Eric Blair said...

Had a coworker who had to get stents put in because the statins he was taking cause a calcium build up in his arteries.

Not for me. Exercise and not eating sugar is a lot easier. And cheaper.