What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

"Zero privacy" is at least a good a doctrine as "zero tolerance." In fact, I expect them to be combined for maximum effect.

Today the Air Force, tomorrow the world!


MikeD said...

This is of a piece of commanders who demand to know if their soldiers own firearms in their private residences. The correct answer is "Sir, that's none of your business." But the command environment is such that you're likely to be charged with insubordination if you actually give the correct answer.

Grim said...

As long as you say, "with all due respect," you can say whatever you want to. It's in the Geneva Conventions.

MikeD said...


For the record, servicemembers out there who may be reading this, neither Grim nor I are law-talkers. Do not take our advice as legal counsel. It will end just as poorly for you as if you had taken the advice of PFC Snuffy (who may claim to be a barracks lawyer, but who will vanish like the wind when his advice proves false). Which is to say, very, VERY badly.

Ymar Sakar said...

Put homo and black Indian on your list and say the commanding officer is harassing you.

The problem with an occupation is the rigidity to which they adhere to their rules, make them obey their own rules and see how long they last.