In Which We Wholeheartedly Support Bernie Sanders

The TPP has to die. You've heard me rail against it before. The fact is, though, after the Iran deal none of us can support any treaty this administration has negotiated. Because of the secret deals in the Iran deal, we simply can't have any faith that we're being admitted into the confidence of the administration. As citizens, we have to regard that as an affront to the basic trust on which the Republic is based.

No secret deals. No deals at all by this administration. Run it on the rocks. You can't be sure what it says, but you can be sure that's better than it deserves.


Ymar Sakar said...

Democrats have been siphoning jobs to their pals for some time now. It only matters to people now, because they aren't getting any of their cut. The new pals are oversea billionaires.

Your problem is that you thought of this as an "administration", Grim, rather than what it is, a regime. Seeing it as a regime, in the beginning and before the 2008 elections, would have fixed certain estimates and projections before things got really obvious now a days.

Grim said...

Wait a second before you fold this into your usual paradigm. This one is a problem for you, Ymar. Bernie Sanders is, more or less, a Democrat. If anything keeps him from being a Democrat, it's that he's too much a man of the Left.

You should pause and reflect here. Something's going on that doesn't track to your usual world view. Either you can adapt to it or not, but if you can't, your aim is going to be off. Remember Sun Tzu. Understand your enemies.

Ymar Sakar said...

Sanders is not classified as an enemy and he's not strategically important, yet.

Puppets or superficial faces of the puppetmasters, Ayers or Soros or V Jarret, are not particularly important since they are a dime a dozen. What matters in a war is what is behind the curtain, the boot that is yet to fall, and the logistics/strategy of the enemy.

Not the facade of fake illusionary tactics most people pay attention to.

Strategically, Sanders is a piece that has yet to demonstrate whether he is a master or merely a puppet yet. Time will tell.