Apparently Someone Is Jealous That Iran Gets All The Attention

Also known as, 'We could totally take Okinawa.'

Especially nice given the translation of the final lines in Chinese, which CFR gives as:
China is strong, victorious wars require deaths; for all to be strong and safe, [we] face the risks and dangers of war. We wholeheartedly love peace, but must be prepared for the likelihood of war. We respectfully and solemnly commemorate the 70th anniversary of the war against Japan.
Oh yes, very respectful. I'm sure the Japanese will appreciate the sentiment appropriately.


Ymar Sakar said...

Japan's been rearming since 2008. Some people over there are not so stupid they think relying on US firepower is going to last forever.

As for CHina, they're using the old Democrat trick of fomenting hatred for foreigners and those with cultural differences, as a way of offsetting their internal pressures and social problems. People who have a very rigid hierarchy, like the Southern Democrat plantation caste system justified with eugenics philosophy, is way too rigid, not even the women are allowed an equal place among the whites. So these cultures tend to need some foreigner to blame, since there's too much internal hostility to bottle up, as people want to move up. They aren't satisfied with their place. Not the slaves, not the poor whites. Georgia even pushed out the indians to the point where the feds had to kick them on the Trail of Tears or see them annihilated by white settlers. And that was federal law supposedly protecting the indian tribes, which worked about as well as the Fugitive Acts.

China is very good at indoctrinating their current and previous generations into thinking that the war never ended. Which, to them, it never did.

Ymar Sakar said...

If Hussein Obola declares martial law and makes himself President for life, don't say nobody ever warned people about that.

Courtesy of G6.

The Chinese are already crazy as it is. Hussein poking them like the way he funded ISIL via Benghazi and did a covert ops run there as well, isn't going to help things over there. Nor is this something the Japanese government would have agreed to.

The New American Empire, whatever form it takes, won't ever have allies again. It's just too dangerous for the allies.