Waco Shootout Update

So... it's been three months. Do we know who shot whom?

No, indeed! "Tabo says courts can make exceptions under certain circumstances and in those cases, gag orders don’t violate The First Amendment. '[But] the standard is supposed to be quite high,' she says."

Nine people died at that shootout. Who shot them? An attorney out of Vegas claims, allegedly based on talks with the bikers, that the police killed them all. This would be an easy charge to rebut by releasing physical evidence. For example, were these gunshot wounds from handguns, or were they from rifles? That's very easy to determine in an autopsy.

Also: "All but two of the 177 have been released, and no one has been formally charged." No one? That's kind of amazing. Almost two hundred people were arrested, and no charges have been filed?


Tom said...

"... aside from showing that all nine were killed by gunshot wounds, mostly to the head and neck ..."

This whole case is weird, and it's pretty rare for nine people in one shooting to be killed from head and neck wounds. That's usually seen in executions, or the use of scoped weapons. Maybe police sharpshooters did kill most or all of them.

raven said...

Maybe we need a mass biker protest in Waco.

Eric Blair said...

I'm thinking that, as Tom pointed out, it is likely dead were all killed by the police.

But, I'm guessing that since the biker gangs in question are pretty much considered career criminals anyway, nobody is worrying too much about niceties like the rule of law and all that.

Those bikers should have been black.

Grim said...

I would not be surprised to learn that the SWAT team deployed to watch the place had fallen prey to the deer hunter fallacy. Having expected to see a deer all day, rifle in hand, eagerly awaiting a deer, when movement comes the brain says "Deer!"

If it turns out they opened fire and kept shooting until nine were dead and thirty wounded, and then locked up everyone wearing leather even if they were from clubs for mechanics or Veterans or Christians, that's probably why.