Our six-week drought is breaking, with good rains yesterday afternoon, and more early this morning.  When the sun comes up, I bet I'll find my cistern is full again.  In honor of the event, I present this video, showing a "wet microburst" that resembles the effect of a helicopter dumping a load of water on a wildfire.

Related, much worse news:  three firefighters were killed yesterday in Washington state when their vehicle crashed and they were overrun by a wildfire.  The chilling news from officials:  "the crash did not kill them."


Grim said...

That's a hard way to die. I'm sorry to hear that.

raven said...

There are about 200,000 acres burning in WA.. 300,000 in Oregon. It has been tinder dry for months-even in western wa. A few days ago we got the first rain in a very long time. Not enough to do much , but every bit helps.
This winter I am going to put in a above ground cistern for the garden and emergency fire protection.
Very sad news about the firefighters.