Ashley Madison & dot-govs

From the Washington Times:
The list says there are 44 emails registered on the Ashley Madison site with a "" address.
The largest non-military user of Ashley Madison appears to be the Department of Veterans Affairs. The leaked summary shows 104 emails from ""
The Federal Bureau of Prisons is close behind, with 88 emails. The U.S. Postal Service shows 52 emails, and the Department of Homeland Security has 45.
The cheating website also has 42 emails registered from the Social Security Administration, 33 from the State Department, and six from the IRS.
The Federal Aviation Administration has 17 emails on the list, and the Labor Department has 15.


Grim said...

Those White House emails are just leftover from the Clinton administration. (Remember when Bill Clinton didn't think to register, and after the Lewinsky affair someone grabbed it for a porn site?)

E Hines said...

Naw, they're more current than that. These are the backups of the personal emails Hillary deleted before she passed along all her classified, but unmarked, emails to State.

Keep in mind, though, that the White House inhabitants and staff were just trying to get dates away from the public eye so as to protect the privacy of their "dates." All very innocent; move on along.

Eric Hines