No doubt "there will be a price" for Netanyahu's addressing the Congress without the President's blessing, but who will pay it?
[I]f Obama really wanted to hurt Netanyahu’s electoral prospects, he would embrace the Israeli leader. As of last year, 70 percent of Israelis said they had no confidence in Obama to safeguard their national interests. For most of the president’s first term, his approval rating in Israel was persistently stuck in the single digits. Netanyahu could only benefit domestically from being seen as a figure nobly standing opposed to the hostile administration temporarily occupying a historically friendly American government.


Grim said...

Yeah, I didn't hear anything good about Obama on my trip to Jerusalem.

Gringo said...

Obama can do a lot of harm to Israel at the UN. By simply not voting on those anti-Israel resolutions in the Security Council, instead of the standard US veto, Obama can hurt Israel. Which he will be quite happy to do.

Grim said...

Now that is something I heard in Jerusalem. There's real concern that Obama will let a security council resolution through that damages Israel's interests in some way, perhaps by mandating a return to the pre-1967 borders.