Conrad Black on the Defense of the Christian West

His introduction is an amusing transgression of the social restraints on married couples seeming too interested in each other, but he goes on to a high note.
As I was sitting down to write about the atrocity in France, my wife Barbara hove into view, always a delicious sight, and announced that she was writing elsewhere on the same subject and that I could not do it. So I will not, other than to say that France.. has been comparatively indulgent of Muslims... but this incident... will motivate France to lead the Western counter-attack against militant Islam that should have been launched by our united civilization many years ago.... [W]hen French possession and enjoyment of their country is threatened, the national faith in liberty, equality and fraternity will give way to more systematic repression of violent Islamists than would be acceptable in an Anglo-Saxon democracy.

...[I]n France there will be none of the faddish and abusive meddling of human rights commissions such as persecuted Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant in this country. Since the barbarians comingled with the Romanized Gauls 1,500 years ago, no one has displaced the French from their complete cultural occupation of la douce France. Those who have tried, including the Moors, the Plantagenet kings of England, and the German Empire and Third Reich, were a great deal more formidable and comparatively numerous than the venomous rag-tag of contemporary Islamist terrorists. Vive la France, which now awaits the continuator of Charles Martel, Joan of Arc, and Charles de Gaulle; a relatively easy victory awaits him or her.

Since I have been cyber-gagged from pursuing this subject further, I will retreat to a related one.
The related subject is more interesting.


Texan99 said...

My husband has been pointing out for some time that Europeans may seem tolerant for a while, but they have a history of fiercely expelling threats on rather short notice. They're not always very careful how they do it, either, and anyone who looks too much like their enemy may be in for a rough ride. That veneer is not as thick as some may imagine.

MikeD said...

I think that Europe, shocked out of their de jure tolerance of anti-Semitic feelings by the horrors of the Holocaust, was far too willing to tolerate the rabid anti-Semitism of its Muslim inhabitants for fear of being accused of another form of racism. In many ways, they merely outsourced their anti-Semitism to their immigrant population. "Doing the hating that Europeans don't want to [admit they want to] do" as it were.

Texan99 said...

Good point. "We're too tolerant to judge anti-Semitism harshly!"

douglas said...

Tex, as a man married into a family that left Hungary more because of anti-Semitism than communism, I can tell you your husband is a wise man. We've been waiting for this to start to boil over in Europe for years. Things haven't really changed there at all, unfortunately.