Grim’s Mead

It’s commonly claimed (perhaps falsely) that the word ‘honeymoon’ refers to a month after the wedding in which honey mead is drunk in celebration by the newlyweds. Twenty-five years ago mead was hard to find! It’s enjoying some popularity now, but at the time we were married the only production mead was a brand called Chaucer’s that was only available as a speciality item in major cities. It’s not hard to make, but I didn’t know how, so our honeymoon involved no mead. 

Our silver anniversary, however, saw us broaching a bottle of my own concoction. My wife pronounced it to be “a very good batch.” 


douglas said...

Happy Silver Anniversary!! May you have continued happiness and joy!

douglas said...

Oops! I see I am a day late- well, the sentiment is just as authentic and sincere. Sorry that being predisposed with other things I missed the day.

Grim said...

Lateness is of no concern in such matters. We’ve been doing this for 25 years; what’s another day? I knew you’d say something kind when you came around.