A(nother) Secret Police

Just yesterday I was complaining to a friend that the NC legislature passes so many laws that even as an attentive and involved citizen I can’t keep up with the changes. Today I learned that one of those changes is that the legislature voted itself a secret police

Right now the Republicans have supermajorities in both houses, but that kind of thing doesn’t last forever. It sounds as if they can search and seize documents and enter both public buildings and private homes at will. Worse, you’re required to keep their activities secret even if you are the victim. 

This is unacceptable, and my legislators definitely did not seek my consent, or even try to make me aware that this was being proposed. 


raven said...

Find the R's who voted for this, and send them all nicely boxed SS hats, on camera. The leftist press will eat it up. Have a story ready to go.

Douglas2 said...

I'm finding it telling that in all the reporting quoting people who are upset about this addition to the budget, there is no link to the actual language of the budget as-sent to the Governor.

I'm wondering if this is all another example of reporting to create heat rather than illumination, and that with proper illumination we might find that things aren't exactly as presented.

Grim said...

I can help you there.

It's § 120-71, in this bill:


Assistant Village Idiot said...

These things are always great ideas in terms of what they say they want to accomplish. But they reveal what nightmares they are when we see what they actually use this statutes for. Discussion in the AVI extended family has been about citizens filming public library employees while they are doing their jobs and calling them groomers. The right to film government employees in the performance of their duties was because of police abuses, not librarians or DMV employees being rude. But sure enough, once laws limiting the ability of citizens to film gov't employees in the course of their duties was limited, the police used it to harass people investigating them.

But it's the other gov't employees that suffer.

raven said...

Someone, I forget who, said any law should be evaluated for passage, on the premise it will be contorted to the breaking point by a cabal of ones enemies.