That's a good one

Apparently Lara Logan's fall from woke grace is complete. The NYT put together together one of those "should we have guess our neighbor was a terrorist? He always seemed so polite" pieces with this absolute howler:
More than half a dozen journalists and executives who worked with Ms. Logan at “60 Minutes,” most of whom spoke anonymously to discuss private interactions with her, said she sometimes revealed political leanings that made them question whether she could objectively cover the Obama administration’s military and foreign policy moves. She appeared increasingly conservative in her politics over the years, they said, and more outspoken about her suspicions of the White House’s motives and war strategy.
The horror. The horror.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

So they haven't given up the value of objective reporting after all! They just haven't the faintest idea what it is!

Anonymous said...

The Updated Devil's Dictionary: "Objective Reporting - reporting the story in a manner that advances the Narrative™ in the direction of the proper objective."

[With profound homage and apologies to Ambrose Bierce]

douglas said...

Curious that the NYT is reduced to attack pieces on *reporters* of all things.