Olympic Nonsense

The gold medal karate match was won by the guy who got knocked out in it, because the actual winner was disqualified for having kicked too hard. 

That's not how fighting works, guys. Even in We Are The World happy globalism land, if you got knocked out you're not the one who won the fight.


Aggie said...

If that's the kind of cheating it takes to win, how do they know the winner wasn't faking being knocked out? Who knows, he might also be a European soccer player.

E Hines said...

Reminds me of a scene in a Charleton Heston western; it went sort of like this.

Heston and another guy are fighting near a chuck wagon. Trade blows once or twice, then Heston grabs an iron skillet off the wagon and hits the other guy in the head with it. Down the other guy goes. "You don't fight proper," the guy says. "You're the one down," Heston says.

Olympics screwed it up. Even in the stylized studio simulated fighting of Olympics "karate," you're allowed to knock out your opponent.

Eric Hines

E Hines said...

he might also be a European soccer player.

Or self-identifying as a member of the US National Women's Soccer Team.

Eric Hines

Christopher B said...

It seems to me that a karate or boxing match has the same relationship to a 'fight' that target shooting does to actual armed combat.