Never-, sometimes-, always-Trump?

Salena Zito thinks about Ohio:
Paul Sracic, a Youngstown State University political science professor, ... adds that it would be a big mistake to think that Ohio's sudden reddening was just about former President Donald Trump. “These voters clearly liked the former president, but they are not a cult," he says. "They were just waiting for someone like him to come along, and when he did, they were overjoyed. They’ll still turn out in droves to hear Trump because he still says the things they want to hear and in the way they want to hear them."
* * *
“Jacksonians were attracted to law and order Republicans such as Nixon, or the patriotic anti-communist, Ronald Reagan,” Sracic said. "But they usually considered themselves Democrats since they tended to be working class and associated the Republican Party with the wealthy. Trump converted the Republican Party into the Jacksonian Party; this change is likely permanent, and future Republican candidates will adopt this message.”


Grim said...

Ohio is the bellwether state. Just as Trump won 17 of 18 bellwether counties, he won Ohio big time. This is said to be evidence that Ohio is moving right.

If Republicans are able to become genuinely Jacksonian, they will deserve to win. We will see if it is still possible to win.

Justin_O_Guy said...

That's looking like the important thing is to be able to get an honest election