Murphy's Law

It's not every day you meet a Vietnamese Murphy, but the lady has a good point.
"I am offended by this whole conversation about socialism," Murphy said, according to the Washington Examiner. "The idea that in the greatest democracy, the greatest capitalist system in the world, we're having casual conversation about socialism, offends me."

Murphy also called herself a "proud capitalist."

"It is the system that built us the greatest nation and the greatest economy in the world. Sure, we have to fix the inequities that exist in our system. We have to make sure everybody, no matter what zip code they're born in, has a fair shot," Murphy continued. "But it is not the moment to undo the whole system and embrace something that Americans have spent blood and treasure fighting to save other countries from."

Murphy, who is of Vietnamese heritage, cited her experience growing up in a socialist country as her reason for opposing socialism.

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