The Netflix documentary series "The Horn," about Swiss helicopter rescue teams operating near the Matterhorn, is worth catching.  Beautifully filmed, without a word on toxic masculinity.

I had no idea Swiss German sounded so unlike my bit of school German.  In the Swiss dialect, the long "a" in words like zehn or geht rhymes with the English "eye." Other sound shifts are too alien and too various for me to catch.  Only when the doctor is talking does it sound like German to me.

It looks like those helicopter pilots could land on a flagpole.


Ymarsakar said...

Switzerland hails from the Helvetian highlands and Alp mountain fortresses. As such the ethnicity language drift would be partially French and Italian, due to Gaul and Visigoth influence. Northern Germanic derives from Saxon and Norse ethnicities.

CERN is nestled in that French/Swiss border region. It is also the Burgundian French that captured Jean De Arc and ransomed her to the British clergy. The Burgundians weren't Frank or Gaul/Celtic based but some migrant Saxonic tribe from the East. The term "Germanic" is rather a time poison, as Germany did not create itself until the melding of the tribes under the Holy Roman Empire, which ironically was neither Roman nor Holy.

The Kingdom of Burgundy before it was subsumed by the Kingdom and Empire of France, was on the Swiss/French border as well. It's hard to specifically locate these provinces without my historical interactive map.

Helvetia has seen various cultures occupy it, including the Celts, the Gauls, and various other influences I can't specifically nail down from the Franks (Charles the Great's line) plus the Italian trade routes through the Alps. They eventually ended up in the hands of the Germanic Saxons due to a combination of factors. What did not change, however, was their mountain fortress based cultural-political-neutrality, and their famous pikemen discipline formations.

The "Swiss Guards" are useful for Empires and Vatican unholy boys, because the tradition of army discipline goes back for that region, to even before Caesar came conquering.

Ymarsakar said...

Meanwhile, certain people are using spiritual revelations to combat evil, instead of unholy patriarchies from the Vatican perpetuating and protecting the evil of child sex trafficking.

In some respects, the American world is in the gripes of the "metoo" movement, a backlash against the corruptions of American abuses in Hollywood and DC. But the Catholic Vatican abuse will also backlash surprisingly on the Amish, Jehovah's Witnesses, and various other minorities. A catch all witch trial is as good as one specifically designed as a kangaroo court. The masses, even when they choose to fight, are caught up in mass hysteria, revolutionary zeal, and warmongering jingoism.

It is not the solo individual in 2007, 2009, 2012 talking about the need to kill the enemy in civil war 2 that is vulnerable to hysteria and revolutionary warmonger jingoism... it is all the people later on that are affected emotionally by main sewer media mind control and social media blitzes.

To arrive late, is to be even more vulnerable.

Grim said...

I don't have Netflix, but that sounds very cool.

Gringo said...

One time when I was a passenger on a helicopter going out to a rig in the Gulf, the pilot let me steer for a short while. As we didn't crash, I guess I did an acceptable job. In retrospect, I must have been the only passenger.

douglas said...

That does sound interesting.

I've always heard Swiss German described as being more "guttural" than lowlands German. Even though I lived in Switzerland for a few months, I really couldn't tell you much about it, besides, I was in the Italian speaking part, and trying to learn a little of that. I did not perceive a dramatic difference in pronounciation in that language while there. The differences seemed to be more about local dialect terms than sounds.

Texan99 said...

It sounds more like Dutch, not that I can follow Dutch, but the overall sound is similar. Also, they're trilling their R's--does Dutch do that? A really surprising sound. Sometimes it almost sounds like Swedish, another language I don't know.