Up Helly Aa AAR

Sounds like the fire festival was a lot of fun.

However, it sounds like the festival may not be around much longer. It sounded like entirely too much fun for the current version of the UK, and the decision to form a "new squad called #MeToo" looks like an attempt to destroy it before any more fun is had.


Tom said...

Maybe "one of these years" means next year?

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I am usually of the school that complains that the girls are trying to intrude ahistorically into these things and we should tell them to bugger off. But it is true that the northern tribes did have female warriors, and were more gender-egalitarian than the southern Europeans. This isn't crazy for them to be in.

Also, I'm thinking what high school wouldn't want to be the one whose women had short skits, metal breastplates, and helmets? Coolest school ever.

I wrote a few years ago about St Dymphna: https://assistantvillageidiot.blogspot.com/2014/02/chicks-got-sword.html

Grim said...

I am usually of the school that sometimes likes having the girls around, although I'm occasionally of the school that would rather they went and did their own thing instead. More than they often realize, the reaction they get from me depends on them.

If the girls had shown up wanting to call themselves "The Shieldmaidens," and looked like the sort who wanted to play, that'd be one thing. I've got no problem making room for girls who are game.

When they show up wanting to be called "#MeToo," that doesn't sound to me like they want to join in the good time the boys are having. That sounds like the Society For Shutting Down Things Found Fun For Men.