I have no clever title for this

New York State passed the most permissive abortion law in US history.  Virginia says "hold my beer".

Now I've made few bones about the fact that I find the Federal government to be far too obtrusive in our lives.  I'm a (small 'l') libertarian who would rather let people figure out complex issues in their own lives and keep government out of it.  As such, while I find abortion morally hateful, I'd rather not have the government put it's greasy paws all over the issue (indeed, my solution is to leave abortion laws up to the States).

But let's be clear, this proposed law in Virginia legitimizes blatant infanticide.  No civilized nation on the planet has any qualms referring to a child born and breathing on its own, separated from the womb completely, as a human being.  Virginia's proposed law would then let the mother and two doctors declare "yeah, but it's inconvenient so put it to death".  Not withhold extraordinary care, not take it off life support, no... actual positive steps to kill the baby.

I literally cannot type coherently about this.  It's beyond insanity.


Grim said...

I guess we are going to have to make a decision about this. States rights? None of us live in Virginia or New York. Even if you repeal Roe, this goes back to the states. There's nothing that would stop them from doing this.

It's fundamentally evil, but so is a lot of what people in California and New York want to do. Maybe this is worse than their decisions to subject 6 year olds to transgender ideologies that will sterilize them before they hit puberty; maybe it's not any worse than that. The point is, they've committed to a deeply vicious ideology that leads to many evil conclusions.

For me, the idea has been to erect barriers that might keep them from importing their evils into my lap. Trying to stop them from the evils they've decided to love requires a lot more power, and trying to collect that kind of power poses a whole set of other problems. For one thing, once you've collected that kind of power you have to keep control of it. If they get ahold of the power you put together to stop them, it's a weapon they can use against you.

MikeD said...

How about federal civil rights lawsuits about the extrajudicial murder of US Citizens? It worked against the Klan in the 60's, why the hell can't it work now? Best of all, no broad sweeping new powers, just the equal application of existing powers.

raven said...

You recall those "lizard people" ideas-the folks that say our leaders are lizards, and they are wearing skin suits?

Tell me it ain't so, because news like this is making me a believer.

Grim said...

...the extrajudicial murder of US Citizens?

You could try, I guess. The 14th Amendment does say "born or naturalized in the United States." Maybe the courts won't decide that "born" requires the mother's consent.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Tribal defense does not know reason. Or compassion.

Korora said...

And that lot is supposed to have a monopoly on kindness and pity?

Makes about as much sense as a Renegade Daleks* playing Quidditch.