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Powerline records the exact moment when the serpent finished consuming itself:
I was reading an old lecture on Aristophanes by Leo Strauss when I came across these very usable sentences:
When about to enter a place at at which we are meant to laugh and to enjoy ourselves, we must first cross a picket line of black-coated ushers exuding deadly and deadening seriousness. No doubt they unwittingly contribute to the effect of the comedies.
Strauss had in mind of course the typical college professoriate of our time. These lines came springing back to mind when you come across a story like this:
As an unwoke ciswoman, I denounce myself.


E Hines said...

As an unwoke ciswoman, I denounce myself.

As an unwoke cismale, I proudly announce myself.

Howdy do, Ma'am?

Eric Hines

Grim said...

More and more, I feel like a barbarian looking in at a civilization I don't understand.

E Hines said...

Different perspectives. I look out from civilization and see barbarians bearing down on the gates.

It's time to get active.

Eric Hines

james said...

"the beginning of his talking is folly and the end of it is wicked madness."

Eric's right. This has nothing to do with civilization, except in the sense that worms have to do with a corpse.

Valerie said...

Well, that's a new reason for refusing to present a boring, pretentious play.


Texan99 said...

It reminds me of the objectivist training Mark Studdock is subjected to in "That Hideous Strength," designed to break down his prejudices in favor of any natural reaction of revulsion or enjoyment. C.S. Lewis loved to explore how intellectuals saw on the limb on which they're sitting. No sooner does a view become fashionably woke than someone has to figure out why it's retrogressive and needs to be replaced by whatever newer nonsense he has just dreamed up. How else can a crab scramble to the top of the pile?

Everyone who's ever read accounts of the establishment of totalitarian societies is familiar with the process. You don't toss an idea out there and see if people find it valuable, you denounce prevailing views and punish anyone who clings to anything declared an outmoded heresy. It's a lot like high-end runway fashion: not really aimed at creating clothes people can wear.