River Basins of America

A pretty nifty color-coded map shows all the river basins in the lower 48, in a way that makes it very easy to see where they drain. If you look at Georgia, you'll notice a green set of rivers that drains to the Gulf of Mexico, and just east a blue set that drains out by Savannah into the Atlantic Ocean. I'm originally from the top of the green country, but very close to the divide between the basins. The rivers that mark that green area are, especially, the Etowah and the Amicalola.


Dad29 said...

And the Great lakes Basin (green)/Mississippi River Basin (purple) split sits atop the Great lakes Escarpment. The green/purple meeting point in Wisconsin is a sub-continental divide about 2 miles east of my original home, and the most familiar home to all my chilluns.

The eastern boundary of the Great lakes Escarpment is familiar to a lot of married couples as "Niagara Falls."

RonF said...

I live right next to the ridge separating the rivers flowing east into Lake Michigan from the rivers flowing into the Des Plaines -> Illinois -> Mississippi.