For Readers in Washington State

I can't remember if Raven is currently living in Washington state or not, and it may be that others of you are. Your legislature is considering a bill, HB 1553, that could make life a little bit easier for bikers.

The law is supported on a bipartisan basis. It simply forbids using the wearing of "motorcycle-related" clothing and gear as part of a profiling decision by police. Thus, while engaging in unlawful activity would still make you subject to being stopped, questioned, and so forth, merely wearing a biker shirt or a club vest (or something that could be mistaken for a club vest) would not.

If you're a Washington state resident, you can consider the text of the bill and inform your representatives of your opinion on it.


Ymar Sakar said...

No wonder they can't catch terrorists with profiling like this. If Israeli intel used turbans to profile terrorists, they wouldn't get much done either.

E Hines said...

I don't think it's useful for politicians to get involved in statistical analyses.

Eric Hines

raven said...

Thanks, I will look at it.
They have a slew of gun control measures up also- apparently they are going Full California after the success with inflicting initiatives 594 and 1491 on WA residents. Now the Democrats are going with registering "assault weapons", and any magazine over ten round capacity, and having to have a license to own such, renewable every year. Along with another ten or so bills in the same vein.
My compliance level is getting really thin, and my belief is they know damned well this will not do a thing to relieve the already very low crime rate here, and this is just a thumb in the eye of their political opponents.
The Constitution and Bill of rights represents an obligation -if they say they are no longer bound by it's provisions regarding the codification of citizens rights, then there is no reason I should consider it binding on my obligations as a citizen- if they declare me outlaw, they outlaw themselves at the same time.