The Moment of National Unity Lasted About 20 Seconds


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E Hines said...

Yeah, right after Trump and Obama had gone their separate ways (they didn't have the stones--literally--for sooner, apparently), some rioter wannabes started playing Game of Riots at 12th and K. Their goal was to be disruptive for disruption's sake; they had no particular agenda in mind.

Just like Chuck Schumer in the Senate.

And since Schumer wants to hold up confirmations just because, I'd like to see McConnell bring all the nominees who've had their hearings and committee votes to the floor and someone call the yeas and nays--with that, it would only take 11 Republicans--at most--to terminate debate and force floor votes on the nominees, and just have a vote-a-rama through the weekend.

But McConnell probably is a bit more collegial than I'm feeling just now. See schadenfreude in the above thread.

Eric Hines

Eric Hines