Fusion GPS

A report from the Weekly Standard -- I wonder whether or not they're on the enemies list, but if they are this is a good way to start working to get off of it -- on the firm behind the disinformation about Trump. These aren't Russians, they're hired gunslingers for outfits like Planned Parenthood.


Anonymous said...


Planned Barrenhood.

Child killing.

Sinking low.

Low like Kevin Williamson wishing Americas white working class would died out. Low indeed. http://grimbeorn.blogspot.com/2016/03/national-review-die-white-working-class.html

- Mississippi

Ymar Sakar said...

Planned Profit.

Coincidentally, those who support the war against the godly Jews, by backing the ungodly Jews like Soros, are helping PP.

Congrats on that one at least. Humans are so foolish you can get them to fight for you with a dash of deception.

Then there's the KKK, the Confederacy, and the Slave lords.