So Obvious It Shouldn't Need To Be Said

Nevertheless, of course, it is very much in need of saying: Politicizing the FBI is very dangerous.


Ymar Sakar said...

Underestimating your enemies and refusing to call them your enemies, is dangerous. So is looking at Alinsky and his disciples, then viewing them with contempt because "they hadn't accomplished anything".

Destroying America, finally, from the inside out may not be an accomplishment many will recognize, but it is still something they should keep in mind.

Looking down on outsiders is what Southern culture is good at, but it's also a fatal flaw. Often your enemies are not as weak, afraid of war, and incapable/incompetent as the aristocratic warriors of the South were raised to believe.

Grim said...

Every culture is good at looking down on outsiders. The South has no monopoly on that. The Union was just as certain that it was going to march to Richmond on the occasion of the first battle -- people came out with picnic lunches to watch the victory at the first battle of Bull Run.

Who is my enemy? Is it the ones I name enemies, or the ones who work against me as enemies whether I name them or not? Or is it only the ones who conceive of themselves as my enemies? Or is it only the ones who both conceive of me as an enemy, and work against me as an enemy, regardless of what I say about them?

What I know about enemies is that I have had at times enemies who later became allies, as in Iraq. That can happen again, and it wins wars sometimes, but not if you are not open to making it happen.

Gringo said...

Nevertheless, of course, it is very much in need of saying: Politicizing the FBI is very dangerous.

But then the Demos politicized the IRS, so why should we be surprised? In both instances, the Democrats are unaware that government can be used as a political weapon against Democrats, not just against Republicans. We have seen 8 years of degradation of government integrity.

raven said...

They think they will never again be subject to losing power,so why would they worry? Recall Obama talking to Putin's rep. on open mike? Most focused on the "we'll make a deal" aspect. What got me was the absolute confidence Obama showed about the certainty he would be re-elected. It was not even a question in his mind.

Obama's domestic army "as strong, as well equipped as the military"- that is the federal agencies, politicized from the top down, and used as a weapon against his political enemies. If the harpy is elected we will see it escalate.

Dale Day said...

I found this article that has a lot to say about what's going on in the FBI

FBI Investigation of Hillary Was a Joke – According to Veteran Agents @

E Hines said...

My wife showed me Instapundit's link to that article and his comment on it: THERE IS NO “CLOSE TO.” THERE IS EITHER DO, OR DO NOT. FBI agents reportedly close to revolt over Comey’s friendly treatment of Clinton.

IP linked to Hotair, which linked to the NYP piece.


Nothing concrete in Hotair's piece, just repeat of old, unattributed news. The "veteran agent" they cite, too, isn't even a veteran in their usage: he's retired, not a still-active, on the FBI payroll, FBI agent.

The NYP article to which Hotair linked isn't any more informative.

I see no evidence that FBI agents are even thinking about resigning, much less being close to revolt.

Eric Hines