Ray Stevens


Gringo said...

My favorite Ray Stevens video is Mr. President.

I didn't realize this wasn't the first time I had heard Ray Stevens. He had a hit I had listened to decades ago. Flash from the past:
Ahab the Arab. Though these days, there would be complaints about cultural appropriation or such.

E Hines said...

Tangentially a propos the times, there's also Stevens' The Streak.

Eric Hines

Anonymous said...

From another time when we needed to get rid of some hypocritical politicians.



Anonymous said...

I used "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" during religion class last year. The students (15-17 year olds) were first stunned, then laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes. The two Southern Baptists and I were nodding along, grinning.


Tom said...

Gringo, I had the same feeling. A friend played "Mississippi Squirrel Revival" for me the other day and I didn't think I'd ever heard of Ray Stevens before. Then I checked on YouTube and saw "I'm My Own Grandpa" and "The Streak" and figured out I'd known his music for decades, just not his name. His stuff was on the old Dr. Demento show regularly.

"Mr. President" is good. Try "Grandpa Voted Democrat."

Good one, Valerie. I figure Timex, you?

LittleRed, that sounds like a successful lesson plan.