High Crimes vs. Misdemeanors

NRO, in a list of ten reasons why Trump might actually win, suggests that part of it comes down to what kinds of offenses each creates:
Trump struggles with embarrassing misdemeanors, Clinton with high crimes. She may be delighted at not having been indicted, but FBI Director Comey confirmed to the nation that she was an inveterate liar, paranoid, conspiratorial, and incompetent. That she was not charged only made the FBI seem absurd: offering a damning hooved, horned, pitchforked, and forked-tailed portrait of someone mysteriously not a denizen of Hell. Add in the Clinton Foundation syndicate and the fact that lies are lies and often do not fade so easily, and Hillary in the next 15 weeks may average one “liar” and “crooked” disclosure each week — at a rate that even the Trump tax returns and Trump University cannot keep up with.


Eric Blair said...

I think Scott Adams is right.

Ymar Sakar said...

NRO or Adams can't ensure that Trump makes it to DC with his head still attached to his shoulders. Winning requires more than merely conquering an election, in a war.

Eric Blair said...

And the SMOD could kill us all tomorrow.