One of My Senators Writes on the Republican Chaos

Whatever his other flaws may be, Sen. David Perdue is not a long-time D.C. figure: this is his first term in the Senate, and his first job in government. I tend to regard him as a part of the crony-capitalist Republican elements, as he made a fortune in business while a cousin was Governor, and then was suddenly picked out of the blue to be a candidate for an open Senate seat. Still, for what it's worth, here's what he thinks about why the Establishment is on fire.
This town is filled with well-intentioned people who believe they are doing the right thing, but far too many have lost their way after years in Washington. Politicians pay more attention to special interests groups and powerful lobbyists writing checks to their next campaign, than listening to the people back home who sent them here in the first place....

Georgians sent me—someone who had never run for elected office—to the United States Senate to try and do something about it and change the system. In state after state this year, voters have voiced support for presidential candidates who are not part of the political class.

This is a growing movement, and it is bigger than any one candidate or election victory. Unless the political establishment is willing to learn from the anger felt by millions of Americans who feel left behind, this will not end in November.

True to form, though, political elites prefer tearing down individuals to understanding what created this movement. This movement of Americans wants nothing to do with Washington, and neither endorsements nor criticisms are going to change that.

No matter who our Republican presidential nominee is at the end of this process, one thing is clear, we cannot allow Democrats to double down on the failed policies of the last seven years.
Bucking for Vice President, Senator?


Unknown said...

Your Senator sounds like a good guy so I am not including him.
I am only speaking for myself, and the following is purely anecdotal based on observation of those around me. Whatever comes of Trump's Presidential bid, he has done damage to the Political Establishment class and the Talking Heads by pulling back the curtain. I have no idea if that was his intent. This is not about Trump; he is just the catalyst. Now, that I have seen the disdain expressed for the ordinary everyday working people, I can't unsee it.

douglas said...

If the Republicans were true to their supposed ideology at all, this would be the opportune time to point out how the Federal Government all the way in DC is too far away from your everyday lives, and too close to K Street to govern you well when it comes to things like education, health care, unemployment, minimum wages, etc. It's the perfect environment to make the smaller Federal government argument, but it's not getting made by the lead in the GOP race, not in any significant way, anyway.

What a shame.