Waco Update

According to Breitbart news, the Waco DA charged 106 of the bikers under identical indictments all alleging the same facts in each 106 cases. All the charges are for life sentences, or between 15 to 99 years if a life sentence is not issued. Naturally, the grand jury accepted all 106 indictments, which will now go to trial.

Only 9 people died, so 106 people can't be guilty of the actual killings. In fact, the charges don't appear to charge any of the 106 with any particular killing. The charge is for a kind of collective responsibility for the deaths due to participating in 'organized criminal activity' that resulted in the 9 deaths.

As of yet we haven't seen any evidence showing who was responsible for any of the killings, so it's interesting to me that -- after months and months of investigation and interrogation -- no one has been charged with any particular act of violence. In fact, I'm not sure how you could hope to prove a collective responsibility if you can't first establish a personal responsibility. In order to say that every member of the Cossacks MC was collectively responsible for a death, shouldn't you have to show that some member of the Cossacks MC was responsible for it?

There are still 80 bikers who haven't been charged at all. Perhaps 'the real killers' are among them, and Waco just wanted to get the easy cases out of the way first.


Ymar Sakar said...

People who come to underestimate the power of the Left will regret that choice. If only as a ghost.

Grim said...

Who do you think the Left is, in this case?

Ymar Sakar said...

The most transparent layer here would be the unions.

Just as Planned Profit seems to run independent of centralized control, that does not mean the money isn't being centrally laundered for other purposes.

Ymar Sakar said...

There's also the example of Waco 1, which I mentioned years before. As well as the example of Waco child custody services selling children to pedophiles.

A lot of things are under the surface, much like Rot England, but is indicative of a larger power structure that is not visible to surface scans.

Tip of the iceberg. In this case, Waco 2 just "tipped over", but the guts were always there for anyone that wanted to trace the money.

Ymar Sakar said...

There's no real answer to your question, Grim, since the analysis is still in process. There's no benefit to jumping to any conclusions tying Waco 1 to Waco 2 to the Leftist alliance.

I operate under distributed subconscious parallel processing, or simulation tracks. I may be consciously aware of a few variables and routes, but it is my subconscious and other processing centers that can truly dig through the barriers.

My conscious mind is more like an orchestrator, tempo goes up or down, but the chorus or symphony can operate musically without one. I prioritize, but I do not supply conclusions, for the conscious mind is extremely limited in data processing and a lot of the conscious, emotional or logical core conclusions, decisions are erroneous.

I absolutely knew, in the guts and the peripheral nerves below the brain stem, that the Tea Party would be ineffective and would be "taken out" by the Left, given those march activities. Was I aware of ATF, IRS, etc moving? No. I have a whisper line to the subconscious however, and that picks up intuitive judgment far more accurately. Later on reality goes as I expected, when the IRS nuked the Tea Party.

This is not a methodology, this is more like a black box simulator. It is a way of judgment which I have come to trust, however, far beyond what credentialed authorities would be capable of producing. It is not logic nor is it emotion. Even jumping to the conscious conclusion that it is or isn't a conspiracy, Grim, is invalid in and of itself.