The Stone Games

As usual, I will be attending the Stone Mountain Highland Games. There is always a strong Viking current to this Scottish cultural festival. The above map can help you understand why. A number of Scottish Clans derive their names, and more a part of their lineage, from Norse or Danish Vikings.


Ymar Sakar said...

The northern east ish islands from Scotland were technically once part of the Scandinavian territory, or to put it another way, Vikings from Norway around 790+AD had easy access to those islands on their way to Iceland.

Lars Walker said...

I recently read a book where a character had the first name "Somerled" (pronounced "Sorely"). He identified it as Celtic, but actually it's Norse. It means "one who goes on voyages in the summer." The founder of the McDonald clan, Lords of the Isles, was a Scot named Somerlidi. His blood was mostly Celtic, but the name had been passed down from the Viking founders of the clan.