Civil Disobedience by a Small-Town Mayor

"It was the right thing to do," Panto said Saturday afternoon. "Sometimes the inappropriate thing is the right thing. I'm sure the president just forgot."

According to flag code, only the president and governor can order flags be flown at half-staff.

Panto freely admitted he overstepped his authority.

"I'm fully aware I don't have the authority to do this but I feel I just had to remind the president," he said. "He just needed a little reminder and I'm happy to do that. There's so many other things going on. I don't think he realized that this was something that he should do."
That's a very generous sentiment, Your Honor.

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E Hines said...

That's a very generous sentiment, Your Honor.

I'll go with that. Good on you, Mr Mayor.

And what officer or NCO--or private soldier--worth his salt hasn't...overstepped his do a right thing?

Eric Hines