Hypocrisy Is Better Than This

I told the wife, when we were first married and discussing such things, that if she ever met another man who really sparked a special love in her heart she'd better stay away from him just as she loved him.  She understood, and appreciated the sense of commitment implied by the willingness to deal harshly with any man who thought to trouble our union.  Apparently they do things differently in New York.

Old Merle tried to hit the middle ground, where 'Friendly Henrys' could exist as long as they knew the right time to scram. But I saw a lot of guys in Iraq have their spirit broken by a woman -- admittedly young, with their men admittedly gone for 15 months at a time -- who betrayed their trust, and often their wedding vows.

Here's Ranger UP on Jodie, with the usual warnings about their videos.


Eric Blair said...

They actually do things different in a certain segment of the population, who has the resources and time to mess around with such shenanigans.

And they feel they need to talk about it too.

I haven't seen any reaction to that piece that isn't negative.

Gringo said...

Hypocrisy Is Better Than This.

Yes, indeed. Back in the day,my best friend's sister and her husband got involved in an "open marriage" with another couple. After all, that's what friends are for... Two destroyed marriages plus one confused child. I heard about the aftermath from the divorced husband of the other couple.

jaed said...

Iowahawk proposes that this story is a hoax. (Among other things, the author seems to have left no other trace on the Internet, at least not under this name.)

I find the theory compelling, or at least comforting.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Hoax was suggested over at Maggie's Farm as well. That's my current theory.