The author, it turns out, has a Ph.D. in philosophy from Cornell.
You think it’s exciting to play with blindfolds and cute little commercial handcuffs? Please. Try volunteering for a real adventure: the maternity ward, and everything that comes after. How can such momentous changes unfold from something as deceptively simple as sex? That, my friends, is mystery and intrigue.

The safety part? Well, that’s obvious, too. There’s nothing quite like getting cozy with a man, fully believing that 1) through this encounter, a completely new person might come to be, and 2) if that happens, he’s in all the way.
I'm guessing Cornell must be a pretty good school. She's thought this through, has a solid argument, and is willing to speak some blunt and highly unpopular truths -- follow her links.


douglas said...

That's pretty good, and I'd have to agree!

Anonymous said...

Yep. Good argument. This article reminded me of a blog post called: "Green Sex" Here is the link.


Grim said...

Good piece. Here's a similar one about the new 'Fifty Shades' movie.


Grim said...

The same author did this one, too, which is good if that baby-making works out: