Tex Likes Quizzes on Saturday

...and it's still Saturday, for a few minutes.

Here's one on Ancient Scotland.


Texan99 said...

I do like quizzes, and not just on Saturday! But I prefer the instant gratification of answers and scoring.

I'd have been guessing on many of those.

Grim said...

Well, question 1 is a trick question: Glasgow didn't exist 330 Million years ago! But it wasn't T-Rex, which existed 60 Million years ago. It won't be unicorns (too early for large mammals, even magical ones), so by process of elimination it must be flying sharks.

2 is Aberdeenshire.

3 is Callanish. The question asks about the 'earliest large scale,' not the 'largest,' which is Avebury.

4 is "Ancient 'Scots.'" Meaning, we don't really know who built it. They weren't Scots, though, as the Scots proper invaded from Ireland, coming to dominate the Picts by the 800s. They were called the "Scotti," and founded kingdoms on the western shores and islands like Dal Riada.

5 is an open question, I think, since they put 'Celts' in scare quotes. Depends on what they mean by the term.

6 is about an internal Roman beef. They withdrew their troops to support a fight back home.

7 is Dunadd, the seat of the aforementioned Dal Riada. The photo shown is the footprint in the stone at Dunadd, the Crowning Stone.

8 is hard for me to answer, since the phrasing of the question is odd: "What do many...?" Which many? There are a lot of these stones. We can't read anything the Picts left, so we don't necessarily know what "many" represent.

9 is "all of the above."

10 is another vague question, but the Bruce and the Scottish Church both did a lot.

11 is a matter of opinion. Scots have achieved a lot, historically, including many things not listed here. I might have answered "The Declaration of Arbroath," but you might read this also.

douglas said...

Since 8 uses the term display, and two of the three answers require reading, I'm guessing "hunting scenes", as those can be displayed.

For 11, Law of the Innocents would seem to be a front-runner, at least in my book.