It's a silly place

Ace of Spades can't decide if the post he found about the tragedy of antifeminist computer coding is fake or not.  The obvious answer is that it's both fake and not-fake, and there's no necessary contradiction, unless you're stuck in an andronormative phallo-logical space.

Ace's commenters have fun with appropriate 404 error messages for feminist coding.


douglas said...

It's a sad place we've arrived to when you cannot separate parody from reality. I suppose though that we might as well laugh, rather than cry.

Grim said...

If you follow through to the C+= page, you can see that the programmers involved in that aspect of the parody have now written whole programs in their fake script. I like PacWomyn.

Elise said...

I can do no better than echo Juliet Rosenthal, currently the most recent commenter over at the HASTAC piece:

I'm female, and a feminist, and a professional software developer with years of experience in the field. [snip]

I should be the target audience for this post, but I'm not. I haven't the foggiest idea what the author of this post is saying. Literally no idea.

Which probably means she and I are both hopelessly trapped in a Problematic binary boolean condition.