For this reason alone, it must be repealed.


raven said...

I am being encouraged in the opposite direction- if we move out of the country for a bit over half of every year, we can buy insurance that is vastly less expensive, and we can choose our options for coverage levels and deductibles.

This would be about $10,000 less per year than the least expensive zerocare plan.

Grim said...

Wonderful idea. Where can you move?

raven said...

Anywhere we want- the plan would be to rent our house, or do a home exchange with someone in another country. It could be a very nice way to see the world, as we could travel and come back to a "home". For example, England, with the ability to tour around the Isles and Europe.
Often a shared hobby like motorcycling can be an intro into a successful home exchange, and provide a bike, car , etc to bypass the normal big expenses of travel. Bikers being what they are, I suspect a motorcyclist could travel to the most remote part of the world and find a kindred spirit!