He could fix this if he liked

A comment I admired:
The GOP needs to heavily advertise the fact that the only, yes only, reason that people are losing their current policies is because President Obama's administration (which he presumably leads) wrote regulations that overrode the grandfathering clause in all those policies. 
This is important.  They didn't have to do that!  It's still reversible! 
The GOP leadership needs to call him out on this daily, until even his sycophantic mainstream press contingent is forced to ask him why he doesn't simply tell his HHS director to reverse the harmful regulations that overrode the grandfather clause. 
Then, he either reverses it and restores normality, while destroying the source of the subsidies required to make Obamacare work, or he continues to lie, and the Democrat brand continues to plummet.
I'm making this point--that HHS could reverse the harmful regulations tomorrow without violating the ACA--in every forum I can reach.  It won't prop the ACA up; the income from we few "Wild Westers" isn't enough even if every one of us knuckles under to paying double the premiums from now on.  But it will get some of us out of an acute, immediate bind, and it will show either that the President screwed the pooch big time, or that he could help this "unimportant 5%" but simply can't be bothered to do it.


E Hines said...

Put up some words on this on my blog.

Good catch, T99.

Eric Hines

raven said...

I can hope , but it will not change our circumstance as our insurance company as far as I know has simply stopped offering any health insurance at all.
brietbart just reviewed a gallup poll wher only about 22% of the currently uninsured said they were going to go on zerocare, and those were the oldest and sickest of the lot. An actuarial disaster is in the making.

Texan99 said...

True, and it wouldn't help people like Edie Sondby, whose insurer (UHC) has been chased clean out of California.

Nevertheless, any Democrat who refuses to consider a partial fix like this should be required publicly to explain his position. It's futile because the ACA's damage is already irreversible? It's inadvisable because the ACA's financial mechanism requires these people to sacrifice? We can't be bothered to fix it, because we know what's best for you and aren't listening to your complaint? Whatever it is, they should be made to spit in out on camera.

Miss Ladybug said...

Actually, reversing the regulations today wouldn't help.

Insurance is regulated by the states. There isn't time to get the old stuff approved for 2014 and that also doesn't solve the death spiral problem for the insurance companies because they priced 2014 ACA-compliant plans based on more (healthy) people participating in them.

Texan99 said...

There's time to try, and there's time to fix the problem for plans whose cancellation won't be effective until December 2014. But also, I'd like to see Democrats in Congress explain publicly that they'd like to fix this problem, but they waited so late to try that the damage is irreparable. Sorry, Americans! We could have voted for this in 2010 when the Republicans first proposed it, but we couldn't be bothered until it was too late.