It's bound to work this time

If only we could curb that terrible profit motive.  I know!  Let's implement price controls and prosecute hoarders.

They probably believe they're helping the good people by punishing the bad people.  The problem is, they have no understanding of where value comes from, and what keeps it coming.

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raven said...

gee, where have we seen this before?

how long will it be before the Argentinian's are starving in the midst of some of the best farm and ranch land in the world.
Maybe they could hire Mr. Mugabe as a technical adviser if things are not proceeding to plan.
The bureaucrats obsession with more and more laws to fix a unworkable idea is endless- next they will fine the farmers for not growing at a loss.
The post revolution era in France circa 1792-3 shows how far this can go- they effected a death sentence for inquiring, prior to payment, whether one would be paid in coin or paper.