What's the Economy on This?

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Is this Aston Martin 77. Santa, are you listening???? I’ve been a good girl, sort of. :)

-Elizabeth Price Foley
That's a two-million dollar automobile. I'd have settled for a new Harley. C'mon, Santa. The best ones are a hundred times cheaper. Surely a bad man is worth 1/100th of a good girl?

Yeah, OK, probably not. Can't blame a man for trying.


douglas said...

0-100 in 3.7 seconds?!?! That might black some people out.

Well, it's a lot to ask for, but at least she's got good taste.

Anonymous said...

Neat looking car, but I don't think it would last one day around here - too many RR tracks and drainage-ways in the intersections before you could get onto the open roads. I'd settle for a nice late 1930s early 1940s Mercedes or Rolls Royce, in grey or dark green, please. Refurbished interior would be fine.

Or a 5yr old Paso Fino stud, any color, with all necessary vaccinations already taken care of. I have my own tack.


bthun said...

For the money, I'd build my 2 story garage/workshop, buy a couple of new pickups, one being a diesel dually. Get walkin' boss a new colt, along with a new Featherlite 3 horse gooseneck trailer to match the dually, a C4 Corvette project car for distraction, and then invest the balance in more land while retaining a portion of the cash to send to Wounded Warriors.

As LR1 points out, the places you could/would drive such a car are limited. Besides, getting busted for doing 221 mph on a public road --you know you'd have to wind the stem, or blow the carbon out at some point-- will cause the local Courts to reserve a permanent spot for ya on the Group W bench. And it's doubtful you'd get the privilege to drive on public roads, legally, anytime soon.

Nah, that machine is a Jezebel. Wicked temptation. DEVIL! Get thee behind me! ;)

E Hines said...

Well, I'd settle for a different British car--Lotus' Evora S.

Anyone out there feeling generous this season?


Eric Hines

bthun said...

A Lotus might be the only British car I'd want to own at this time. I have too many other things that demand my time. Particularly so since my speed has slowed dramatically.

The same goes for Italian vehicles, but that goes without saying.

In principle, having to work on a vehicle more than I drive it is no longer attractive.

Now German vehicles... I could be persuaded if I were not so chea... er, frugal.

douglas said...

"Nah, that machine is a Jezebel. Wicked temptation. DEVIL! Get thee behind me! ;)"

You are SO right, sir!