These are no ordinary chihuahuas

I see this story entirely from the perspective of the poor dogs, ditched by their shiftless owner and spurned by their clueless neighbors. What kind of useless neighborhood says this about a "pack" of five or ten little tail-wagging chihuahuas: "My daughter -- she'll be outside, but then I have to have her come back inside because they all -- I'm afraid they're going to -- you know what I mean." Um, no, I'm not really following your point.


Grim said...

Trying to fill in the blank, all I can think of is some vague sense that feral dogs might bear diseases: maybe they're carrying the plague in their fleas. Otherwise, it seems strange to fear the chihuahua (even five of them).

bthun said...

I don't quite grok the mind of 'em, but some folks are just not animal people, or even iddy biddy animal people.

Hopefully the animal control shelter will provide food, medicine, and shelter until the tiny scourge of Stepfordville can be adopted. I know, sadly the odds are not with the little fellows/gals.

Regarding the dirtbag who abandoned the pups in the first place, I think we all know that in this life there are slack givers and slack takers. Just as some folks should not be allowed to be pet owners, neither should some have children.

*the old hun gazes at the ceiling and the faint sounds of Sachmo singing What A Wonderful World fills his skull*

E Hines said...

...terrifying their children for several months.

Where to begin? I spent a couple of my toddler years in a small town in Iowa. A tall man could stand on one end of main street and see the corn fields at the other end. My parents got a measure of grief because my toddler self routinely played with--and ran with--a pack of dogs who otherwise would wander freely about the town in a way that those wonderful folks on Bernandino Street in CC might call being a nuisance. The grief givers tended to shut up when Mom pointed out to them that I was the safest kid in that town: who was going to mess with me when I had a pack of dogs protecting me?

"For several months," and you're still just whining about it instead of doing something about it? What are you, Democrats, you can't act on your own initiative? Here's an idea--work with me on this; it's new: take the dogs in, and give them places in your own homes. How much of a nuisance is it to have a loyal, effective burglar alarm guarding your place?

As for the person(s) who abandoned the dogs in the first place, find him/them, cane them thoroughly, and then shoot them for the...animal(s)...that they are. Come to think of it, what about the "neighbors" who've functionally also abandoned those dogs?

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

Yup. I haven't much use for people who let their dogs breed indiscriminately but won't either provide or find homes for them. But that's just one creep. I'm really disappointed in the neighborhood's reaction. The whole "eek, it's an animal, put a leash on it or kill it" thing drives me around the bend.

bthun said...

"The whole "eek, it's an animal, put a leash on it or kill it" thing drives me around the bend."

Yep. It reminds me of a few things. None good. One of the more off kilter being a slightly skewed perspective regarding who, or what, is where in the universal pecking order.

Oh yeah, here it is.

Eeek! What's that daddy? Just hush and eat your meal!