I believe that T99 is associated with her local VFD, and my father was a long-time Captain of ours.  I expect you'll find this interesting:

The Fire Critic is asking opinions on this one, which it considers quite aggressive (although they note they don't know from the cam if there is a backup line behind the guy).  (H/t:  FARK.)


bthun said...

At the start of the video, I notice one tanker/pumper, no ladder, and the roof's afire.

While watching the video I see no indication that the primary hose man/team has a backup hose covering the primary. Even so, their judgment leads them to enter the structure and asphyxiate/cool the fire using the tools available, ASAP.

Too aggressive? To me it looks as if the team assessed the situation and methodically worked to bring the fire under control.

Was it too risky to enter the structure and attack the fire from within? I suspect those on scene carefully weigh such risks/benefits every time they arrive at a fire.

DISCLAIMER: My FF knowledge is quiet dated --40 years?! wow!-- having learned all I know from training and being assigned to the ship's fire party when I was a yachtsman in Uncle Sam's Yacht club.

Yah, it's some party alrighty when one has to enter burning spaces.

I guess I am in no position to second guess their actions, only to give 'em two thumbs up and a Bravo.

Texan99 said...

We aren't called on here to do any interior structure firefighting to speak of; we mostly get brush fires, and almost all the local structures are so small that they're normally engulfed before the fire dept. arrives. So I have negligible experience with this particular kind of firefighting. But this video didn't shock me. It didn't take them long to get the flames under control. I would wonder about ceiling collapse issues, though, because more and more houses are being built with pre-fab trusses, fastened with fairly shallow stamped brackets -- we hear they're particularly bad about failing suddenly once the attic is engulfed. If they didn't believe anyone was inside, you could say there was no reason not to fight the fire defensively from outside. Still, there was a whole first floor and its contents to save.