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What I've Always Liked about Sarah Palin:

Barbara Kay, toward the end of her piece, hits on exactly why I've always liked Mrs. Palin -- and been glad of her influence in the public space.

Mama Grizzlies [celebrate], rather than repudiate, their biological natures. Mama Grizzlies see men as different but complementary to women, and therefore as collaborators, not adversaries. Sarah Palin’s Down’s Syndrome-afflicted child and military-serving son — whom she speaks about proudly at public events — aren’t an anomaly in this circle of unapologetically maternal women. Minnesota congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, founder of the House Tea Party caucus, has nurtured 23 foster children over the years.
This principle is also the one I believe in, in the form of chivalry. Chivalry is an ethic of willful service to each other. To frame it in terms of the post just below, it is an ethic of putting the Beautiful ahead of personal interest. It honors the difference, because "to honor" is to sacrifice of yourself for something that matters more than you.

The "Mama Grizzly" ethic is chivalric in this sense. It is willing to endure even severe personal sacrifices in order to honor others: raising a child with disabilities, or taking seriously the duties of wife and mother even when they conflict with personal advancement. It also extends honor to those 'on the other side' of the sex divide who are sacrificing for the mutual good: of husbands, fathers, and sons who serve in our wars.

This is a wholly good and positive development.

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