It's Not Our Fault!

Senate Democratic Slogans:

The Politico reports that the Senate Democrats are looking for a 2012 slogan. They have a few suggestions. The early favorites (apparently actual?):

"We've Got Your Back, Barack";

"Repeal Republicans in 2012"

"Had Enough Tea?"

"Brick by Brick, We're Building a Firewall"

"Hey GOP? You're Firewalled!"
Firewall? Really? Wouldn't the President's veto be the firewall against Republican madness -- or are you already writing him off?

Politico also had some suggestions:
"Because Harry Reid really likes his nice Majority Leader office";

"Please, please, please vote for us in 2012!"

"Why not?";

"Will the last Senate Democrat in office please turn out the lights?"
How about:

"It's not our fault!"

"You know the Republicans are just as bad."

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