A Solution Appears

A Solution Appears:

Gatewaypundit is following this madness in Wisconsin, where legislators friendly to the public sector unions have fled the state to avoid doing their jobs a quorum being present in the legislature. That is, of course, a crime: but it's a state crime, and they're not in that state anymore.

Presumably the state police could request help from the Federal government, but how likely is it that the current Justice Department would provide such help? Not very!

Gatewaypundit suggests a solution:

TIME FOR A TEA PARTY CITIZEN’S ARREST!… I am offering $100 to the first person successful citizen’s arrest.
That sounds like an awesome idea to me. The citizens' arrest is of a piece with the renewed focus on the Second and Tenth Amendments: forgotten or ignored but never repealed, and still therefore the law of the land. It's a way of taking back the rightful duties and powers of a free citizen.

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