"Unnecessary Force"

Congratulations to Uncle Jimbo of BLACKFIVE for his first starring role in a feature film.

Speaking of unnecessary force, there is a good post today on the Knights Templar at the Volokh Conspiracy. It treats a new book that shows how the legal process used to destroy the Order was known to be based on false charges.

Greyhawk notices that unnecessary force can hurt you. Just ask the Madhi Army. Bonus situational awareness: guess which unit's AO this news is from?

Cold Steel has a new Bowie knife design, the "Natchez." I'm trying to decide if it represents an improvement over its older Bowie design, the "Laredo." I think the blade shape looks more efficient, but the overall length may push it past the point at which the blade is managable for most people. (You can ignore the absurd prices listed at the bottoms of those pages; the Laredo will run you around a hundred bucks if you buy one off eBay, and the Natchez, though brand new, you can have for not much more than half what they suggest.)

Unnecessary force? Could be. If I had one, I'd test it out properly and let you know. Since I don't, I'll open the floor for comments.

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