Personal Responsibility

The Presiding Judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals refuses to accept final death appeals outside of working hours. This pisses off the lefty crowd quite a bit.
What I cannot fathom is the following logic:

"When Sharon Keller barred the courthouse doors to lawyers for Michael Richard, she killed Mr. Richard as surely as if she had put a bullet into his head on the courthouse steps. There can be very little doubt that, had Keller not acted as she had, Mr. Richard would be alive today."

Huh? Last I checked the case... Michael Richard invaded a home, raped a 53year old woman, shot her in the head with a pistol, then proceeded to make off with her stuff. When caught and facing the material evidence... he confessed. Icing on the cake is how it's "Sharon Keller" instead of Judge Keller and "Mr. Richard" instead of scumbag Michael Richard.

Grits for Breakfast, generally smarter than your average bear, can't seem to understand who the victim is. Have fun reading the comments... maybe someone else can explain to me how the Judge is at fault for this scumbags premature death.

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