Another sign of how much this blog has evolved since its initial days in 2003 is offered by the occasion of National Ammo Day 2005. This event is in its third year, even as Grim's Hall is.

Here are my rough thoughts, per year:

2003: "What a great idea! But, a hundred rounds? How will I afford it?"

2004: "I'm glad to support this idea. But, a hundred rounds? Where will I put it?"

2005: "Great idea. But, just a hundred rounds? I use that much every two weeks."

On the upside, my handgunnery has gotten a lot better. My "fliers" are still in the 8-ring, these days, even when I shoot one hand unsupported rapid-fire. That doesn't put me in "Gun Guy" or Doc's class, but it's a solid improvement over where I was a year ago.

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