Clubs in the Deck:

Aaron is building a "deck of death" for bloggers. He's reserved the clubs suit for MilBlogs.

Froggy, who has asked for votes, is leading. I added Doc Russia's blog to the list. I doubt we can generate enough votes to get into the face cards, but I would appreciate folks voting for Doc. I think he runs a great place -- an honest, direct blog by a veteran that often explains how the warrior spirit plays itself out even in civilian life. It's easy to be a warrior in the Marines or the 101st Airborne, but how many continue not just to uphold but to live the ideals after?

Well, Doc does. If his blog doesn't prove it to you, how about this after-action report? Scroll down to the picture of him making a 300-yard shot, just right the first time.

Out of admiration for the man's writing and living, then, I'd like to propose that we all go over and see if we can't vote him a playing card.

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