Wild Irish Rose

Some of you might be celebrating a bit this weekend. Here's a faithful companion for you... well, a companion, in any case.

There's too many of these songs to include them all. Some are old, and some are very sad, but it's a well-known theme.


Gringo said...

Here is some music history. Chauncey Olcott wrote My Wild Irish Rose. As he was a stage actor, singer, and songwriter of some fame around the turn of the century,-not the 21st- he got mentioned in a song.

Arthur Collins sings Bedelia (1903)
Bedeila Chorus:

Bedelia, I want to steal you, Bedelia I love you so
I'll be your Chauncy Olcott if you'll be my Molly-O
Say something sweet Bedelia, your voice I like to hear
Oh Bedelia-elia-elia, I've made up my mind to steal yer, steal yer
Delia-Bedelia dear.

Is that the 1900 equivalent of "Cover of the Rolling Stone?" "You're the Top?"

Grim said...

Thank you. I always appreciate your history lessons.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

My personal fave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tmMpeysOa8