BREXIT Bill Becomes Law in UK

The UK has recently proven that it has a lot more problems than EU membership, but this is a step forward.
Speaker John Bercow said the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, which repeals the 1972 European Communities Act through which Britain became a member of the bloc, had received royal assent from Queen Elizabeth II.

The bill transfers decades of European law onto British statute books, and also enshrines Brexit day in British law as March 29, 2019 at 11pm (2300 GMT) -- midnight Brussels time.... Eurosceptics celebrated the passing of the bill through parliament last week as proof that, despite continuing uncertainty in the negotiations with Brussels, Brexit was happening.

"Lest anyone is in any doubt, the chances of Britain not leaving the EU are now zero," International Trade Minister Liam Fox said.
I'm fairly Bayesian about probability theory. I'll accept that the probability is zero when the countervailing probability has risen to one, i.e., when it's happened and not before.

Now on to Scotland's next independence referendum. Smaller government isn't always better government, but that's the way to bet.


Christopher B said...

If I recall correctly, a significant portion of the support for Scottish independence comes from Scots who find the recent UK governments insufficiently generous in terms of the 'general welfare', and a big reason the SNP lost last time was people realizing Scotland couldn't support that generosity without a lot of help from London.

Grim said...

There was a lot of talk about new respect for delegates authority for the Scottish parliament, too, which has proven to be hogwash. Besides, killing social programs is to the good in my book. I think they are nearly invariably harmful in spite of their best intentions.

MikeD said...

Road to Hell, and all that.

Christopher B said...

Grim - pointing out that just because somebody wants independence from England does not mean they automatically subscribe to beliefs of the US founding.

Grim said...

Sure enough. The Scots are like the Scandinavian nations (and indeed, have similar bloodlines thanks to the Vikings we keep talking about). Just now they're going through a welfare-state-is-good phase that is driven by ethnic pride and similarity; but like the Scandinavians, who got there first, they'll figure out the downsides and start drifting back to sanity. Or so I think, and if they are free to do so.